Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin, Book I (His Fair Assassin Trilogy)

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers 3.5 stars.
I absolutely loved the premise of this story. The time period and royal court setting are right up my alley, and of course the premise of assassin nuns is awesome. The first few chapters of this novel are really great, but after that there are long stretches with not much action at all. Maybe it's wrong of me, but I wanted to see a little more assassinating or any type of badassery out of Ismae. The plot took a very long time to unfold. I did like Ismae as a character. She doesn't always make the choices that I wanted her to as a reader, but I did understand her reasoning and how her backround caused her to be the way she was. I didn't mind the romance. I am one to get annoyed when the romance takes over a story that was supposed to be about something else, but I don't feel like that was the case here. There was no insta-love, and the relationship felt authentic to me. It didn't overwhelm the rest of the plot or make me roll my eyes.

Overall, I liked this book a good deal, but it didn't quite live up to my high initial expectations. Looking forward to seeing what the sequel has in store!