Horns - Joe Hill In the first few chapters, this book had me hooked. The premise itself is I found really interesting and super unique. It is crazy to watch Ig discovery his new horn-powers and the scandalous things that people confess to him. However, the plot does have to move on from crazy confessions, and this middle section of the book is where I found it to be weaker. It took me ages to read the middle half of the book. Some of the flashback chapters ( while obviously necessary for the story) were dull. The "reveal" moments for some of the plot points seemed a little strangely organized to me. This book could at times dive into the very disturbing- I'm looking at you Lee! Overall, what I am left with most after reading this book is frustration... Ig's backstory shows us that he really was just a normal, nice guy who always wanted the best for his loved ones, and in the present he is hated by nearly everyone and to top it off he is slowly and irreversibly turning into a demon.