This was my first venture in "space" books, and I really enjoyed it! ! I found the plot to be very interesting and pretty different from what I've read before. I liked how there were several different layers to the plot at play at the same time. Revis has developed the claustrophobic world of the ship quite well. I found it so mind-boggling to think about being in Amy's situation and I found myself very sympathetic to her feelings and responses to everything going on around her. I also loved the opening chapter- it was sad and emotional and the feeling of hopefulness that her parents had set up a sharp contrast to the later events of the book. If I have any complaints, its that Elder isn't quite as developed as a character as Amy, and I want to know more about him and how he thinks. Also, the answer behind the "murder mystery" aspect was pretty obvious to me a few hundred pages before it was actually revealed.