Masque of the Red Death

Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Overall I thought that this was a good, but not great, novel and start to the series. I think that the use of Poe's short story for the basis of this book was a great idea. However, I feel that what was keeping this novel from being really great was the world-building and plot. While the setting and imagery was really good and different from anything I've read recently, I at times had a hard time following the plot. For example, there is a rebel group known as the Malcontent that could use a ton more development so that the reader understands their motives. Even after finishing there are still some points that I'm not exactly sure on, but I won't go into that here to save anyone from spoilers. This book does include a love triangle, but I didn't have nearly as many eye rolls as love triangles normally induce for me. All that said, I am definitely looking forward to the sequel.