Shadow and Bone (Grisha Trilogy)

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo This book was ok. I thought that the plot itself was pretty generic and didn't stand out much from others in the genre. Alina as a character was likable enough, but nothing about her personality really stands out. I did like Mal as a character and was glad that he wasn't the typical YA "hot" and "brooding" guy. My biggest disappointment with this book was the world building. Alina's world is just not developed enough at all, which is upsetting because that's what had the potential to be really interesting and very different from the types of worlds I'm used to reading about in fantasy. The bits that were there were good, but there were too many points left undeveloped. For example, the Darkling at one point remarks something to the extent of wanting the people to be free of the king's "tyranny." Maybe I missed it, but nowhere did I see anything that would confirm he was a tyrant. Also, the border wars? What's that all about? Supposedly the country is at war and has been for years, but other than passing mentions you don't hear much about it or what the countries are even fighting about. Parts of the ending seemed just a little too convenient.
I'll be skipping the sequel.